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Who is Big Skillet?

Big Skillet is a band that focuses on 70's and 80's rock, while at the same time maintaining our favorite country songs, and throwing in random hits from any other genre that we feel would be fun to play. The number one goal we have as we state at every show is to HAVE FUN! When you come to see a Big Skillet show you can be assured that the band will put on the best show we possibly can every night. The name Big Skillet derives from the idea of cooking anything up in a big skillet, thus we try to play anything from any genre! If you haven't been to a show yet, watch the video's for an idea of what your missing, but the best way to experience the band is live! So check our calendar and call ahead for reservations, our following is always growing meaning seating is becoming limited at most shows! Hope we'll see you at our next one!!!

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